This is one of several episodes of the season with its opening title sequence of plaster the opening of the second season A very good service to watch season is PutlockerA young woman named Millicent Barnes is waiting in a bus station in Ithaca, New York, a bus to Cortland, en route to a new job. Looking at a wall clock, she notes that the bus is late. She climbs to the counter ticket agent when the bus arrives, and harshly respond that this is his third time there. Millicent denies this. While speaking with the agent, she notices a bag just like it in the pile of luggage behind her. He mentions this to the agent, that he is your bag. She doesn’t believe this until she notices that her bag is no longer next to the Bank. She later comes to the bathroom to wash your hands and the cleaning lady insists that this is his second time there. Again, Millicent denies this.  Out of the bathroom, she looks in the mirror and sees, in addition to his reflection, one exact copy of herself sitting on the outer Bank. A few moments later she meets a young man named Paul Grinstead, who is waiting for the same bus from Binghamton. Millicent tells Paul about encounter with his double. Paul, trying to calm Millicent, says that it is a joke or a misunderstanding caused by an imitation. When the bus arrives and the two prepare for the Board, Millicent looks in the window and sees the copy of itself, already sitting in the bus. In shock, she runs back into the tank and faints. Millicent lies unconscious on a bench inside the station while attending Paul and the cleaning lady she. Paul commits to wait the bus from 7:00. While waiting, Millicent, now that it comes, insists the strange events are caused by an evil double from a parallel world – an alternative plane close, but distant from the existence that comes in convergence with the world by powerful forces or unnatural, unknown events. When this happens, the evil impostors enter this realm. Millicent’s Doppelgänger, evil in nature, can survive in this world.

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