Under Armour Threadborne Fortis Review


Under Armor Thredborne Fortis –  putlocker  light boot, which in all cases I expected to perform well at short distances, long distance and high-speed work.

It was disappointing that it was not so. Thredborne Fortis has a long way to compete with similar brands of shoes, such as Nike and Adidas.

Thredborne Fortis is an update to the Under Armor SpeedForm Fortis line. My expectations about shoes were that I’m going to work in neutral shoes that will work well on the routes of all distances.

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I found that Thredborne Fortis did not live up to my expectations. This is due to one reason. When I put on my boot, the area at the bottom of the box with fingers pressed on the legs.

My first thought was that the problem might be specific to me or simply related to a pair of shoes that I had on hand. A second pair of the same shoes arrived by coincidence.


I turned off my shoes and experienced the same discomfort in the second pair as in the first pair. With this question aside, the rest of the shoe was raised on my run.

In order to experience the Thredborne Fortis, I took them on several tracks compromised by high-speed work, short-distance runs, and long slow runs.

Under Armor Threadborne Fortis General Information

On Booking Threadborne Fortis – Sole
On Booking Threadborne Fortis – Sole   positive attitude

Under Armor Thredborne Fortis can be for those who are looking for a neutral coach to run for fun or run as part of an exercise program.

Under Armor states that Thredborne Fortis provides “cozy support” and that the shoes will provide runners with a “personalized approach and unsurpassed comfort.”

While the shoes do provide a locked feeling when they are laced, charged shock absorption is a real comfort center. Charged depreciation along with the bow liner really gives the runner a “personalized fit.”

Shoes have a displacement of 4 mm and very light. Many of the features of Thredborne Fortis provide stable shoes and comfortable running. wikiwon

This shoe is still in direct competition with such shoes as Ghosts Brooks, Blacksmith ASICS and shoes from Nike and Adidas in the category of neutral trainers.

Under the booking

Armor continues to use a layer with  putlocker  a charged cushion, which is located in the intermediate sole of the shoe. Charged depreciation was a great addition to shoes and lent a long way.

Under Armor Threadborne Fortis – heel
Under Armor Threadborne Fortis – heel

The depreciation itself reacted well to repeated runs and recovered well back to back. The pillow is very responsive. Charged depreciation maintains a downward force that is accompanied by a run.

Thredborne Fortis provided enough traction that worked well on all types of surfaces (think about road, concrete, treadmill and trail).

Shoes have deeper groves (in the forefoot area) for better grip, but do not offer many flexible movements. Mixed with the problems of flexibility that offers embroidered top offers, it makes it tougher.

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Full rubber outsole provided good traction and stability for running concretes and treadmills. In general, there is a sufficient amount of traction that is pressed against most surfaces.

Under Armor Threadborne Fortis

Under the booking Threadborne Fortis – Top
Under the booking Threadborne Fortis – Top

The upper material is new for the Under Armor shoe line. In Armor there was an embroidered upper part. The top is heavy … and it is.

I shoveled these shoes over the rocks, curbs and any other obstacles that one could imagine, and the upper one held its own. One would think that with such rigidity comes the loss of air permeability.

This is not the case. The embroidered top offered a breathable boot that supported my legs, feeling cool. One remark is that the flexibility of the shoe seemed tougher with the embroidered upper. wikiwon

One addition to shoes is the use of an internal shoe. At first glance this reminded me of a boot that you lift your leg to a couple of rollers.

This shoe does not cover the entire leg, but only the heel and is connected through the middle of the foot inside the boot. When they are laced, this structure attaches to a neat shoe that well supports the foot.

According to the brochure “Forward Fortis”


I have mixed reviews about Thredborne Fortis. While the shoes are stable, durable and, for the most part, comfortable, the discomfort created in the leg box makes the shoes unsuitable for me, in my opinion.

With great regret, I take the position not to recommend or stand behind these shoes.

I should think that if it were not for a crowded box with toes and pain that came along with a lack of flexibility in the front of the foot, these shoes would be a great addition to the collection of any runner.

But the point is

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